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New Module for the Manager Port Terminal Operations Program

Challenge: Scheepvaart en Transport College (STC), the Dutch shipping and transport college, offers various types of training in the field of shipping, port, logistics, shipbuilding and process technology. In the context of a new, annual programme, ‘Manager Port Terminal Operations’, a module had to be designed and implemented for a group of international professionals.

Relation: Scheepvaart en Transport College (STC)
competence development

Commissioned by STC, Q management designed and taught a new module in port economy and finance for international professionals in the maritime industry. This module was especially designed for students from South America.

The result is a fully customised training project for the annual Manager Port Terminal Operations programme that enhances the knowledge of maritime professionals and prepares them for the next step in their careers as port terminal managers.


Strategic shifts

Through a series of steps we designed a 3-layered program, corresponding with 3 types of competencies that were needed for executing the strategy.

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Competence Development
with Future Connections

We implemented our methodology to determine future roles in the organisation and defined the competencies that were required for these roles.

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Consultancy and Development at KIZAD and Abu Dhabi Ports

We identified the roles and competencies required for the commercial strategy of both organizations.

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Asset Excellence Consultancy

To enable asset management, we developed an asset management strategy, both financial and operational.

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