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Duration: 2 days
Category: Personal development

Open thinking and creativity

Open thinking and creative techniques to solve problems of tomorrow. As Einstein put it: “Logic will get you from A to B; fantasy will get you anywhere”.

Logical thinking often finds us good solutions for issues. But sometimes, a better solution is hidden in an area of our brain, that we cannot access by logical thinking.

Program content

In this 2 day training, participants will be locked in a Pressure Tank, in which they will experience a number of opportunities to imagine even more creative solutions. By means of various cases, that participants will also provide themselves, a lot of attention is paid to all facets of the creative process. Participants will learn how to think “beyond analysis” and how they can use creativity in a meaningful and structural way. They will learn how to think positively, changing usual responses from “yes, but…” to “yes, and…”. The techniques, that they learn can be used in solving problems, but also in improving existing situations and facing new challenges.

The ultimate goal is, that participants use their analytical and creative skills in such a way, that they can complete and reinforce each other. On top of this, the training course will focus on delivering the results of creative processes. Selling ideas right is as important as selling the right ideas.

The Pressure Tank – part 1:

Creativity takes courage, how to break free from limitations and boundaries

  • Look differently: creative inspiration, insights and angles
  • Understanding why solutions of today are no answers to the questions of tomorrow
  • Create a scenario using unexpected ingredients
  • Creative Problem Solving model: the Osborn-Parnes method
  • Clarifying the objective:
    • Needs
    • Data
    • Objectives

The Pressure Tank – part 2:

Getting things done and how creativity will lead somewhere

  • Produce solutions:
    • Ideas
    • Criteria
    • Solutions
  • Set up for action:
  • Acceptance:
    • Selling the idea
    • Creative delivery
  • Planning
    • Getting things done!

How can this work for your
company and people?

The objectives of this course for participants and your organization are:

  • Increase their innovative and creative thinking power;
  • Apply and select creative thinking techniques;
  • Investigate the working situation, reveal unchallenged patterns, discover new angles and bring unexpected opportunities in the picture.

Participants experience this course as a thrilling and motivating way to generate creativity; to channel their ideas in concrete solutions. They will apply the techniques in practice and experience concrete results from their creativity!

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