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Duration: 3 days
Category: Organisation

Understanding marketing to generate sales

The essence of marketing is understanding that you can only bring your authentic self to the market.

Upon having this understanding, we can start to sell (more) effectively. Furthermore, once we understand, we can communicate effectively to potential customers what is behind our door and why they should ring the bell next to it.

In a most interactive setting, participants will analyze cases that show motivating examples of marketing and sales.

It deals with the following elements:

  1. Corporate strategy
  2. Analyzing the external and internal environment
  3. Marketing strategy and – planning
  4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  5. Marketing action plan
  6. Sales strategy and planning
  7. The sales organization
  8. Effective sales skills

Program content

The content of this exciting program in marketing and sales management is as follows:

Day 1: The environment and organizational goals

In this first day part, we will investigate corporate strategy as a result of the vision, mission and goals of the organization. Analyzing the external and internal environment will provide us with the information needed to execute various analysis tools to determine the accurate marketing approach.

  • Creating and capturing customer value
  • Company and marketing strategy
  • Analyze the corporate environment
  • Use analysis tools to organize marketing information
  • Use competitive analysis to determine the authentic self of the organization

Day 2: Formulating and planning marketing strategy and linking sales

From the analysis and the information of day 1, on day 2 we can determine the appropriate marketing strategy and – planning. Through segmentation, targeting and positioning we are able to define those parts of the market to target and to plan our marketing actions.

  • Identify sources of competitive advantage
  • Gain commitment to a strategy
  • Understand the various types of marketing strategies
  • Blue Ocean Strategy:
    • Methodology
    • Applying the framework
  • Set objectives and strategies
  • Measure performance

Day 3: Sales strategy and effective sales skills

Our marketing insights have generated a fitting strategy with applicable actions. This will enable us to generate a strategy for our sales organization. Finally, we can identify effective sales skills, equally for tough economic times, to generate successful positioning in the market.

  • Understanding and applying effective sales strategies
  • Preparing effective sales strategy
  • Developing account strategy
  • Applying effective sales skills
  • 2-level action plan:
    • Individual sales plan
    • Team and organizational integration
    • Implementation plan:
      • Action plan
      • Timeframe
      • KPI definition for measuring results

How can this work for your
company and people?

The objectives of this exciting course in marketing and sales management are:

  • Assess market opportunities by analyzing customers, competitors, collaborators, context, and the strengths and weaknesses of a company
  • Understand the relationship between marketing and sales
  • Develop effective marketing and sales strategies to achieve organizational objectives
  • Understand key account management and apply to practice
  • Design a strategy implementation program to maximize its chance of success
  • Understand and apply the sales process
  • Take advantage of the importance of a value approach in building a successful customer partnership
  • Understand how to differentiate product/service and company in a competitive selling environment
  • Recognize opportunities to add value to client’s business
  • Comprehend when and why buyers buy to be able to increase sales

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