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Duration: 3 days, to be designed as per request
Category: Leadership

Executive leadership InQbator

Our long experience in leadership coaching and training as well as creating blended learning experiences has led to a The Dream Arena, dedicated to top-level executives in organisations.

From 40+ years’ experience we know that top executives are looking to develop their leadership and organizational skills further through unique, hands on and  effective experiences.

Furthermore, these experiences need to be reflections, focused experiments and unprecedented blended learning processes, and not ‘teaching lessons’.

For this particular target group we designed the ultimate, unique and one-of-a-kind leadership InQbator, called The Dream Arena, which can be described best as a virtual simulation experience.

The concrete result of this experience is a heightened leadership momentum and drive resulting from the blended learning experiences, integrating concrete content, as described in the next paragraph with blended and immersive experiences, which have a tremendous impact on the participants.

Program content

The Dream Arena consists of a number of building blocks, which already start when participants least expect it.

These are some of the building block elements:

  • A uniquely designed, tailored multi-day leadership simulation
  • The Dream Arena is being built in the form of a virtual experience from the absolute beginning of the leadership journey
  • During the program, several surprise elements appear at unexpected times and contributing to the overall effectiveness and results
  • The Dream Arena contains a variety of simulation elements, like:
    • Flight simulation
    • Crisis simulation
    • Virtual, challenging simulation environments
  • As mentioned, The Dream Arena contains no pure classroom sessions, instead, inspiring speakers are introduced in inspiring environments fitting their impact and experience
  • Participants experience a highly interactive and inspiring environment with competition and an overall purpose and determined objectives
  • Furthermore, the simulation contains various specials, like:
    • Corporate visits in environmental technology and services
    • Inspiring guest speakers from within and outside the industry
  • The simulation and stay will be in various locations in The Netherlands

The Dream Arena simulation is tailored to corporate vision, mission and strategy, organization and environment.

The practical attention points of The Dream Arena can be summarized as follows:

  • Guidance of participants starts in country of origin
  • Luxury transport (business class flights and road transport)
  • Unique 5-star hotel accommodations
  • Transfers integrated in the program
  • Exclusive hosting and coaching

Obviously, all of the practical elements, when travel and stay is concerned will be tailored to the wishes of the organization.

How can this work for your
company and people?

The goal of this training course is simple:

  • astonish,
  • engage and
  • challenge


The results for the participants is as follows:

The leaders, participating in this experience are challenged in thinking, envisioned perspectives and will have had an ultimate experience.

Would you like to know more about what we do and how we do it?

We love to sit with you and discuss, dream and discover your challenges.

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CEO, Intelligent Automation

“We always look forward to having him around as our organization becomes a little brighter when he is around…”


Learning & Development, Maritime

“Our learning and development has improved greatly because of their inspiration and energetic sessions.”


HR Manager, Telco

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HR manager, Education

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SCM manager, Oil & Gas