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Duration: 6 4-hour sessions and coaching
Category: Leadership
Result: self confident leadership

About being yourself as a leader…
because everyone else is already taken

““The greatest leader is not the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”…”

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environments, effective leadership is not just about delegating tasks or making decisions; it’s about understanding oneself and others on a deeper level.

At the heart of successful leadership lies self-awareness. Understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations is essential for fostering meaningful connections, inspiring trust, and driving positive change within teams. This training and coaching program places a strong emphasis on self-awareness as the cornerstone of good leadership.

For those new to leadership backgrounds, the journey can be both exciting and challenging. That’s why our project provides a supportive and interactive learning environment where participants can explore and develop their leadership potential with confidence. Through a blend of insightful workshops, practical exercises, and personalized coaching sessions, participants will gain invaluable insights into their leadership styles, communication techniques, and decision-making processes.

Program content

Your organisation is growing.

Strongly. In size and, better still, in maturity. You set a clear dot on the horizon. And the strategy to realize that idea is determined. Consequently, de most  important success factor is human capital. Particularly, developing, mobilising and directing it by leaders and managers. And in the momentum you are in, coping with that growth, meeting increasing demand and designing and planning more complex projects has pushed aside the development of leadership and management of it.

As a consequence, managers in the organisation do their utmost, but they don’t get around to asking themselves which competencies are necessary and required for leadership and management. Let alone, they are able to work on those competencies.

Every organisation flourishes through transparent management and effective leadership and clear direction and engagement of its people, so it can grow organically and from the inside out. Exactly that is an important responsibility of every management-layer in the organisation. And exactly that requires those specific leadership competencies.

However, practical considerations play an important role in developing those:

  • How to prevent it from becoming a theoretical, abstract and remote exercise?
  • How to ensure that no one returns to business-as-usual, immediately after the course?
  • How to develop someone’s specific competencies, so that it will not be the exchange of generic knowledge?

First of all, the objective is to develop practical competencies and skills. In other words, not (just) methodologies and
theories, but the application of them and a reflection on your own activities and behaviour is essential.

Secondly, a program doesn’t end after a couple of training sessions. Through team- and individual coaching we jointly
monitor development and specific situations, in order to make sure that those topics and insights discussed are directly
and effectively applied.

Finally, an essential starting point of the program should be an individual intake. An intake in which an inventorisation of
learning objectives, a personal profile, particularly assessed on leadership and management and an interview form the
basis for designing individual elements and modules in the program. And an intake done with the candidate and the organisation
as well!

  1. The intake will be held 2 weeks before the start of the program. The questionnaire inventorises expectations, objectives and challenges. The
    DISC-analysis depicts the personal and leadership profile and the intake interview functions as the first acquaintance.
  2. The program then, consists of 6 specific leadershipmodules that can be planned in any sequence or frequency. Modules have been designed, so that the content can be applied to individual objectives and challenges. There are 2 ‘applied-coaching’ teamsessions during the 6 modules and 2 individual coaching-sessions per participant after the 6 modules. This way we anchor the results and ensure that objectives are achieved.
  3. During the return and review session we share experiences in an intervision setting and evaluate the development approximately 2 months after the 6th module. The program consequently lasts around 4 months from intake until return and review session.

Overall, this inspiration program provides participants with a boost in self awareness and self confidence of their leading position in the organization. And because the program includes a mix of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and personal coaching, all tailored to each participant’s individual needs, it allows for effective and immediate implementation in their organizations.

The Art of Leading – effective leadership specifically combines all those elements in an energetic, inspiring and effective program!

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