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Duration: 3 days
Category: Organisation

Project management BootQamp

Project management has a unique focus shaped by goals, resources and schedule and it requires a unique set of skills to bring it to a successful close.

Projects are organizational forms to deal with occasionally occurring goals with strategies, objectives and people involved. That is why it is essential to focus on the structure of dealing with these goals, strategies and objectives, instead of trying to find rules and processes, as there are none!

So we to manage and direct projects professionally and successfully. And in doing so, apply the right methods and techniques to get a grip on a projects’ different phases.

It is vitally important to set up an effective and efficient project organization, dealing with the composition of teams and benefiting from each members’ core qualities.

Program content

The general content of this exciting and inspiring leadership BootQamp can be described as follows:

  • Develop a project management plan, define scope, and determine project requirements
  • Know how to use recognized tools and techniques to create a project baseline
  • Develop a comprehensive project risk response
  • Know how to monitor time and cost performance during project execution
  • Communicate project progress effectively and enhance your ability to manage a project team

This amazingly interactive, energetic and inspiring project management program consists of 5 main parts divided over 3 days containing the following topics:

Day 1: “Between improvisation and routine…”, when are projects projects?

Part 1: Projectmanagement

  • Fundamentals of projectmanagement
  • Critical successfactors in projects
  • The project cycle
  • Steps in project preparation
  • Project starting points
  • Defining project results

Part 2: Communication and project management

  • Communicating with the project principal
  • Negotiations in projects
  • Influencing effectively
  • Implication session: Identifying and defining projects

Day 2: “Nine people can’t make a baby in one month…”, organizing projects

Part 3: Project organization and planning

  • The project plan
  • Designing and phasing projects
  • Project structure and coordination
  • Information delivery
  • Planning and closing of projects

Part 4: Project risks and budgeting

  • Budgeting activities and resources
  • Dealing with project risks
  • Time, money, resources and quality
  • Implication session: Organizing projects, budgeting and risks

Day 3: “A goal without a plan is just a wish…”, implementation

Part 5: Managing projects and project teams

  • Composition of a project team
  • Startup of a project team
  • The culture in and around projects
  • Situational leadership of project team members
  • Decision making
  • Implication session: Finalizing the project development plan

How can this work for your
company and people?

The results for participants is as follows:

  • Plan, prepare and effectively implement a project in your organization
  • Define objectives and asses risks
  • Set up implementation phases
  • Assign roles and responsibilities in order to optimize the use of resources
  • Plan and control the budget
  • Manage changes and trouble shooting
  • Monitor quality
  • Assess project implementation

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