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Duration: 3 days
Category: Personal development

Starting with an ideal; end up with a deal

Negotiating is not limited to people in procurement or sales; everyone does it every day, from his own role. Negotiating about:

  • The way you want to fulfil your role in a project;
  • Presenting your proposal to the management team;
  • Finding the balance in your ‘hamburger-position’ as supervisor or middle manager;
  • How long your leave of absence will be out of season;
  • Whether or not to be able to get additional training.

In fact, negotiation is very advanced communication. You are dealing with opposite interests and wishes. Objectives need to be realized and at the same time, you want to build or maintain a good relationship. Obviously, there is a great deal of tension between these two angles. People often think about negotiation in terms of winning and losing and therefore about battle and fighting.

Program content

In this sophisticated and exciting training course, the realization of results and satisfaction for all parties involved is fundamental. Participants will learn to think in terms of increasing the opportunities and options, instead of in terms of scarcity, limitations, winners and losers.

We will not only study the various effective negotiation styles and techniques, but the participants’ own fundamental attitude and customs in their negotiation behaviour. Participants will get to know themselves better and they will consequently be able to achieve a successful and satisfactory result for themselves as well as the other party involved.

Session 1: Force or fold? The Art of Negotiation

Part 1: Introduction

  • The Art of Negotiation: what they really are
  • Analyzing and defining strategies in negotiations
  • Personal dilemmas and traps
  • Using power in negotiations: an analysis

Part 2: Building a negotiation strategy

  • Analyzing and understanding the situation
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Understanding positions and communications
  • Negotiate to win
  • Plan and implement a distributive negotiation strategy
  • Define BATNAs, bottom lines and targets
  • Improve negotiation outcomes
  • Implication session: applying skills to organizational
  • Case study: building negotiation strategies

Session 2: See it my way

Part 3: Mastering Advanced Negotiation Strategy

  • Negotiate for mutual and individual gains
  • Craft a win-win integrative strategy
  • Optimize negotiation team
  • Manage the tension between competitive and cooperative motives
  • Establish trust and build coalitions

Part 3: Mastering Advanced Negotiation Strategy

  • Negotiate for mutual and individual gains
  • Craft a win-win integrative strategy
  • Optimize negotiation team
  • Manage the tension between competitive and cooperative motives
  • Establish trust and build coalitions

Session 3: The key to leadership is influence!

Part 4: Power and influence

Using the potential of power in complex negotiations.

  • Power – manipulation - influence:
    • Understanding the basis of power
    • Power as the potential for influence
  • Basics of influencing: influencing behaviors
  • The power of… believing
  • The power of… feeling

Part 5: The psychology of influence

  • Motivating other people
  • Influencing strategies:
    • adopting a strategic approach to influencing
    • top influencing tactics
    • framing issues
    • identifying champions
  • Implication session: what is your influencing strategy and use of power?

Part 6: Influencing skills and The Influence Model

  • Developing high quality relationships for influence and power
  • Identifying the right stakeholders
  • Influencing without formal authority
  • Robert Cialdini and The Influence Model:
    • Understanding the Influence Model
    • Applying the Influence Model

Part 7: High-Stake Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

  • Recognize tactics of opponents
  • Understanding dirty tricks
  • Convincing Strategies
  • Understand Win–Win: Positional vs Principled Negotiations
  • Understand the Four Step Process Toward Win-Win
  • Implication session: applying newly acquired skills to strategic case study

How can this work for your
company and people?

Participants to this course will skill themselves to:

  • Understand advanced negotiation and influencing concepts and terminology
  • Distinguish and capitalize on negotiation content versus negotiation process
  • Manage pre, post and formal negotiation time frames
  • Prepare negotiations
  • Manage critical components of the negotiation process
  • Utilize the essential role of influence
  • Understand and capitalize on communication
  • Diagnose the needs and drivers of other parties
  • Identify hidden agendas
  • Identify, counter and employ tactics
  • Alter the balance of power
  • Understand and trade concessions effectively

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