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Duration: 7 monthly sessions, consisting of 4 sessions each
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Marketing Excellence Masterclass Academy

Marketing communications equity is the sum of all the communications about a specific business, organization, product or service that occupies a space within your customer’s or prospect’s mind, over time. Marketing and advertising get confused by most of the professional  business environment. Those who understand the true difference between all of them, achieve the right results in the increasingly global, thus competitive marketplace.

Because of a rise of social media and related technologies, strategic communications can actually be, not just communicate an organization’s competitive advantage. Yet most of what is executed on a daily basis is often contradictory to this. In particular when considering the insistent focus on the short-term ‘campaign’.

This program comprises a series of masterclasses covering a wide variety of marketing topics, ranging from strategic marketing decisions to operational hands on topics. Each of the masterclasses provided by leading expert inspirators.

Program content

The Marketing Excellence Masterclass Program is a thrilling and highly addictive program in Marketing and corporate communication that provides participants with all necessary tools to be excellent and successful in the exciting area of marketing, hence the term Marketing Excellence, thus contributing to the ambitions in terms of human capital and growth.

It is a very practical program with a continuous balance between techniques, tools and current themes.

Part 1: marketing management and strategy

  • Session 1: marketing strategy: partnering to build customer relationships
  • Session 2: marketing strategy: internal and external communication
  • Session 3: integrated marketing communication and the importance of a plan
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: marketing management and strategy

Part 2: markets, customers and behavior

  • Session 1: analyzing the marketing environment and market behavior
  • Session 2: consumer markets and buying behavior
  • Session 3: B2B Markets and B2B Buyer Behavior
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: markets, customers and behavior

Part 3: designing a marketing strategy and plan

  • Session 1: STP-marketing: market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Session 2: products, services, and brand for customer value
  • Session 3: the brand and its importance
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: marketing strategy and marketing plan

Part 4: designing the marketing mix to build relationships

  • Session 1: designing marketing campaigns and customer value
  • Session 2: event management, personal selling and sales promotion
  • Session 3: building direct customer relationships: direct and online marketing
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: designing marketing mix

Part 5: integrated strategic marketing communication

  • Session 1: changing communications, marketing communication and modern media
  • Session 2: understanding the communications process
  • Session 3: steps in developing effective marketing communication
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: integrated marketing communication

Part 6: designing a marketing communication strategy

  • Session 1: advertising and communicating brands
  • Session 2: digital and social media strategy
  • Session 3: developing an effective social media strategy
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: designing communication strategy

Part 7: socially and responsible marketing (and) communication

  • Session 1: corporate communications: selling the vision internally and public relations
  • Session 2: corporate social responsibility
  • Session 3: sponsorship
  • Session 4: Implementation BootQamp: corporate communications

Finalization: graduation ceremony

At the end of the 7 parts, we will have a formal finalization of the Marketing Excellence Masterclass Program.

The duration of the complete program is 7 months and the actual dates can be planned accordingly.

How can this work for your
company and people?

The objectives of this exciting course in marketing management are:

  • Assess market opportunities by analyzing customers, competitors, collaborators, context, and the strengths and weaknesses of a company
  • Understand the relationship between marketing and sales
  • Develop effective marketing and sales strategies to achieve organizational objectives
  • Understand key account management and apply to practice
  • Design a strategy implementation program to maximize its chance of success
  • Communicating true value of Bank Dhofar internally and externally
  • Understand the changing landscape of communications
  • The importance, nature and design of integrated corporate communication
  • Understand and apply the sales process
  • Take advantage of the importance of a value approach in building a successful customer partnership
  • Understand how to differentiate product/service and company in a competitive environment
  • Recognize opportunities to add value to client’s business
  • Comprehend when and why buyers buy to be able to increase sales

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