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Our new website!

We know, our new website was due ages ago!

But this was one of those cases, where trust in a partner is vital, but later appears to be unjustified. No names and definitely no name-calling, but just a lesson for everyone, least of all us.

It just made us wonder, where does trust begin and which are the indicators. More importantly, where and why does it end? As we are in a business, where we value the trust of our relations as our most important kpi, we wonder what the key success factors are.

It reminds me of a story of the cable company appearing at a friends’ house through a sales agent about 10 years ago. The agent was very convincing to my friend as to the possibilities of having a high speed internet connection in his house, despite its remote location. My friend indicated all kinds of obstacles, the remote location, the distance between the point of entry in the house and his computer network, and a couple more. So at what point should my friend let go of his scepticism and just take the agent’s word for it?

Exactly, given a minimal persistence level of the agent, at a certain point, everyone will dismiss his scepticism and go with it. At a certain point, the story, the persistence, the reputation of the company will veni, vidi, vici over our natural cynicism. The agent selling the high speed connection was all of the above and went home with another deal in his pocket. And, as would appear later, with an unsatisfied customer for the company.When the technician came over and stepped into my friend’s house and was directed towards the basement, where the connection had to be completed, he immediately said: “that is not possible!”. The second thing he said, when faced with another obstacle, was: “that is not possible either…”


Needless to say, my friend was experiencing some majestic cognitive dissonance. Personally, I feel it is always worse to say you will deliver and then you don’t, then when you say you can’t deliver…As was the case this time.

I call it the “shiny facade complex” and I think we experience it time after time. It is the phenomenon, where because of image, advertising, PR and sales, you feel an organization must have everything in order, things are running amazingly and they deliver everything they say they deliver and more. But then they don’t. And they don’t by miles.

So then we found Peggy. And she delivers big time. And share the same passion as we do and understands exactly what we need. So check it out and be as enthusiastic as we are!

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