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Successful leadership is influence

Using power, influence and impact to get people to follow your lead.

We designed this BootQamp for one of our customers in Oman. A great training course, with an implementation assignment following the BootQamp, to ensure a high ROI on training.

The theme of the BootQamp is:

“The secret of influence is that it should remain a secret...”

The essence of influence, is that it is absolutely essential, that it almost goes unnoticed. When managers or supervisors apply their personal impact to influence people, it will be most effective when people do not feel influenced or manipulated. Understanding personal impact and influence can be compared to inspiring others; upon inspiring people, it is almost unnecessary to motivate them: they will motivate themselves!

The basis for influencing people is power. Power is like voltage: it will not be in effect unless used. When used, it will influence others for reasons connected to that type of power. Various bases for power produce various influences and thereby various types and degrees of result. Certain types of power can produce unwanted results. Power doesn't always create support and commitment. Sometimes it even creates demotivation or fear. It can make people be motivated for the wrong reasons. That is why it is essential to influence others without using harmful types of power as much as possible; the essence of inspiration.

The basis of The Influence Model is an understanding of reciprocity – in time, any positive or negative attitude or action will return in the future. In this BootQamp, various approaches to influencing others will be discussed. Participants will develop skills and techniques to influence others in a great variety of situations quicker and in a more effective way. They will learn to analyze situations thoroughly and to adjust there behavioral repertoire.

Respecting everyone involved, participants will learn how to focus on their objectives and realize them. They will be able to apply the skills they will develop in the BootQamp “Successful leadership is influence” in a great variety of situations, like leadership and management, negotiation, motivation, acting assertively and communicating convincingly.

Participants will get to know themselves and others, to understand the backgrounds of influencing and impacting others. Effective communication skills will be discussed. The Influence Model will be used as a framework for understanding and applying influencing skills to apply their personal impact.

More detailed, the training looks as follows:

  • Power, influence & impact: understanding yourself to influence others:

  • Power:

  • Understanding the basis of power

  • Power as the potential for influence

  • Personal insights:

  • Personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Core competencies

  • How do others perceive you?

  • Personal development points

  • Understanding others:

  • Empathy

  • Motivation and interests of others

  • ‘Reading’ situations

  • You, others and acting in a group

  • Influencing skills: Understanding and applying the Influence Model

  • Effective communication:

  • Personal behaviour and performance

  • Effective communication techniques

  • Influencing distances

  • Dealing with resistance and emotions effectively

  • Influencing skills:

  • Understanding influencing skills

  • Your natural influencing skill

  • Effectively dealing with situations

  • Achieving your goals

  • The Influence Model

  • Understanding the Influence Model

  • Applying the Influence Model

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