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Managing Innovation

Understanding project management in innovation and creative projects

“There ain't no rules around here. We're trying to accomplish something!”

The abovementioned quote by Thomas Edison highlights the most important characteristic of creation and innovation. There are no rules, so the process is new to everyone.

Completely new?

Well no, because as the directions and ideas might be unknown, the approaches to get there are not. In fact, creativity and innovation can be facilitated so much better, when the right approaches are used and the right process is followed to get to the end results.

That is what this training module is all about.

This training module covers two major aspects to channel project management of innovative projects and generate and manage results.

It deals with the following elements:

  • Projectmanagement

  • Basic Principles

  • Successfactors

  • Innovation

  • Creation

  • Defining and controlling projects

  • Project organization

  • Management aspects and phasing

  • Budgetting and planning activities and resources

  • Implementing innovation and creativity through project management

Innovation team members and managers participating in this training will generate effective project management, smoother processes and better results through enhanced knowledge and techniques of the project management, creativity and innovation processes.

Part 1:

Project management, basic principles and success factors

  • Understanding project management

  • Understand the basic principles

  • Understanding and analyzing the success factors

  • Preparing and defining projects

  • Understanding control aspects

  • Understanding the phasing of projects

  • How to manage a project

Part 2:

Innovation and creativity: how to mold it into a project?

  • Budgeting activities and resources

  • Innovation theory:

  • Strategically plan innovation

  • Best practice idea generation tools

  • Idea analysis and project development

  • Understanding productive attitudes and behaviours to creativity

Part 3:

Synergy: managing creation and innovation projects effectively

  • Understanding how to furnish a project

  • Production of a plan of approach

  • Production of a project plan

  • Understanding the culture and organization of an innovation project

  • Understanding the need of a project information database

  • Understand the nature of people in projects

  • Executing and implementing a project

  • Understanding project risks

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