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Think in solutions

A comprehensive approach to problem solving and decision making

“Leaders are problem solvers by talent, temperament and choice.”

In organizations, leaders distinguish themselves with their ability of generating solutions for uncommon and unfamiliar problems. This ability is what we call creativity. When problems are reoccurring, as long as the results of the familiar approach to solving the problem are satisfactory, we have no reason to re-assess this approach. If not, or if the problems are new, we need to reach our creativity to find a way to solve them. Contrary to common belief, leaders can assess their creativity with techniques and structured approaches. In this module, we discuss and train those techniques and approaches.

When dealing with uncommon and unfamiliar problems in an intuitive way might generate solutions, but their applicability and success is dependent on chance. Using the techniques and approaches dealt with in this module, provide leaders with a structured way of handling problems and helps them to generate true results.

This module deals with the following seven steps of problem solving through our GPS‑L framework (Generating results through Problem Solving for Leaders):

  1. Define the problem

  2. Look at potential causes for the problem

  3. Identify alternatives to solve the problem

  4. Select an approach to solve the problem

  5. Plan the implementation

  6. Monitor the implementation

  7. Verify the solution

and with brainstorming and mind mapping to structure creativity and ideas. The most essential decision making models are discussed and their characteristics will be studied and practiced.

As was indicated in the request, we will organize training for 2 groups; the first one with junior staff and the second one with senior staff. Both groups will go through the same program, but in applying the theory to practice, the emphasis will be different. Thereby, this training will reach its optimal effectiveness: all staff will use the same framework applying it to their own individual situation.

Leaders, business managers and staff participating in this training will generate better results through enhanced techniques in analyzing problems and in making decisions. They experience this training course as a thrilling new way to look at problems and decision making. They apply their new skills to practice and generate unexpected, new and better results.

Part I: Identifying the framework and problem identification and problem solving styles

  • Increase awareness of problem solving steps and tools

  • Investigate the GPS-L framework

  • Distinguish root causes and symptoms

  • Identify problems and issues

  • Use analysis tools for effective Situation Analysis

  • Identify individual problem solving styles

Part II: Effective tools for decision making, generating solutions, implementing effective solutions and generating results

  • Use the most essential decision making models

  • Think creatively and work towards creative solutions

  • Recognize and use the top 10 rules of good decision making

  • Using problem solving styles

  • Understanding actions and consequences

  • Planning and timeframes

  • Evaluation techniques

  • People, means and structure of implementation

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