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The front of the organization

Understanding marketing to generate sales

We designed this training course in Marketing and Sales.

“Bring the best of your authentic self to every opportunity.”

Marketing and sales and marketing and advertising get confused by most of the professional business environment. Those who understand the true difference between all of them, achieve the right results in the increasingly global, thus competitive marketplace.

The essence of marketing is to understand, that you can only bring your authentic self to the market. You cannot pretend to be someone else or copy what others are doing. Only if you truly understand, why the market should ring your doorbell and not the one of your competitor, you will be successful in the market.

Upon having this understanding, we can start to sell (more) effectively. Furthermore, once we understand, we can communicate effectively to potential customers what is behind our door and why they should ring the bell next to it.

That is what this training module is all about.

It deals with the following elements:

  1. Corporate strategy

  2. Analyzing the external and internal environment

  3. Marketing strategy and – planning

  4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

  5. Marketing action plan

  6. Sales strategy and planning

  7. The sales organization

  8. Effective sales skills

The training will cover various thrilling examples of the fit between strategy, marketing and sales. Participants will analyze cases, that show motivating examples of sales and marketing. They will become enthusiastic about these cases and applicable practical insights. Participants can’t wait to apply their new skills in practice!

  • The environment and organizational goals

  • Understand the implications of the vision, mission and goals of the organization

  • Analyze the corporate environment

  • Use analysis tools to organize marketing information

  • Use competitive analysis to determine the authentic self of the organization

  • Formulating and planning marketing strategy

  • Identify sources of competitive advantage

  • Gain commitment to a strategy

  • Understand the various types of marketing strategies

  • Set objectives and strategies

  • Measure performance

  • Sales strategy and effective sales skills

  • Understanding and applying effective sales strategies

  • Preparing effective sales strategy

  • Developing account strategy

  • Applying effective sales skills

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