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Starting with an ideal; end up with a deal

Negotiation skills to let someone else have your way

“Negotiation means getting the best out of your opponent....”

Negotiating is not limited to people in procurement or sales; everyone does it every day, from his own role. Negotiating about:

  • The way you want to fulfil your role in a project;

  • Presenting your proposal to the management team;

  • Finding the balance in your ‘hamburger-position’ as supervisor or middle manager;

  • How long your leave of absence will be out of season;

  • Whether or not to be able to get additional training.

In fact, negotiation is very advanced communication. You are dealing with opposite interests and wishes. Objectives need to be realized and at the same time, you want to build or maintain a good relationship. Obviously, there is a great deal of tension between these two angles. People often think about negotiation in terms of winning and losing and therefore about battle and fighting.

In this sophisticated and exciting training course, the realization of results and satisfaction for all parties involved is fundamental. Participants will learn to think in terms of increasing the opportunities and options, instead of in terms of scarcity, limitations, winners and losers.

We will not only study the various effective negotiation styles and techniques, but the participants’ own fundamental attitude and customs in their negotiation behaviour. Participants will get to know themselves better and they will consequently be able to achieve a successful and satisfactory result for themselves as well as the other party involved.

During this training, we will work with the particular working context of the participant, with concrete examples from everyday practice. Participants will be able to experience what the effect is from their usual and the different approaches.

What are the results of this positive and effective training course?

  • More knowledge about various effective negotiation styles and methods;

  • Understanding about the personal basic attitude, behaviour and habits in negotiating situations;

  • Higher influence on personal behaviour during negotiations;

  • More opportunities to manage and guide negotiations towards a positive result for all parties;

  • Thinking more in terms of increasing opportunities an options and less in terms of scarcity and limitations, winners or losers.

Part I: Negotiations: nature, personal styles and the effect on others

  • Negotiation: what does it mean?

  • Strategies and tactics in negotiations

  • Generating Win-win negotiations

  • Personal dilemmas and traps

  • Your negotiating style and the effect on others

  • Using your personal style effectively

  • How to prevent from being taken by surprise

  • Preparing negotiations strategically

  • Dealing with power, manipulation and fallacies

Effective negotiations: strategy and personal negotiation development

  • Strategic negotiations: determining and applying alternative strategies

  • Understanding and dealing with dirty tricks

  • Adjusting your personal negotiating strategy and learning objectives

  • Develop and execute personal development goals in negotiations

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