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Personal Profile Analysis


The Personal Profile Analysis is an amazingly powerful tool for assessing strengths and limitations of an individual in a very short amount of time. A professional can develop himself optimally, by focussing on realistic opportunities.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

The PPA provides us with an understanding in the professional behaviour of people. On the basis of it, sound decisions can be made in the area of recruitment, retention, career development and more. It also provides a foundation to determine in what areas one might expect a maximum effect of training and development. Furthermore, it provides a basis for determining how employees can be motivated and stimulated more effectively. By spending less time on people, who perform below standard, you can focus on the people who make the organization grow and perform better.

8 minutes

Completing the PPA questionnaire online takes an average of 8 minutes. The basic PPA report provides you with a behavioural profile of a person, in which strengths and potential limitations, ways of communicating, value to the organization, motivators, biggest fears and behaviour under pressure become clear.

Additional reports

18 additiona reports can be produced on the basis of a completed PPA questionnaire. They enable you to link people to functions and manage, coach, develop and train your employees.


Our PPA can be used to:

  • select the right person for the job

  • determine who is best suited for a promotion

  • compose teams

  • measure motivation and drive

  • maximize retention of your employees

  • determine in detail which developments are effective to your organization

  • optimize the achievement of KPI's

  • solve problems within teams

  • increase motivation

If you are interested in the PPA, don't hesitate to ask for an invitation to complete your own PPA and receive a basic report, free of charge!

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