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Management evaluation survey tool

Processing evaluation survey data at the International Criminal Court

In my opinion, a very good development, that more and more organizations are becoming very serious about the development of people.

Until a while ago, this entailed personal development through training and career development. To be able to do this, performance and job evaluation is needed. Management and leaders were often neglected, either by accident or on purpose in this process of evaluating people.

Obviously, it requires some very boldness and selfconfidence. After all, a manager needs to open up for criticism from various sides in the organization. Preferably for employees, they directly manage as well.

At the International Criminal Court, they are very serious about this performance. And to this end, we are assisting them in establishing a data processing tool for the survey data, that is separately collected through another survey tool. Our application automatically imports raw survey data and processes it to graphs, charts, statistics and reports.

As usual a great and committing project in our longlasting relationship with the ICC!

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