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Human Resource Excellence in Oman

Job descriptions, evaluations and salary benchmarking

As you know, we believe, that improvement is achieved by people.

That is why we love contributing to initiatives and projects, where the aim is to retain talent and experience. Organizations, which invest in development, training and valuation of their professionals have our strong support.

So we were thrilled to hear, that we had won a tender for the establishment of a job evaluation system. And the company too, is an amazing company operating in Oman, small, but full of talent, professionalism and energy. Together with HR, we applied our philosophy on job descriptions, competencies and job evaluations into a comprehensive system. With this system, the company takes a huge step forward in growing, but at the same time ensuring, that talent and experience remain in the company.

And finally, because we linked jobs to an objective valuation method, we are able to benchmark their jobs to the market. In this way, retention can be done effectively and objectively.

All in all, a great project for a great company!

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